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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why Don't I Blog?

So, being pregnant I don't sleep so well. Add to it a sore throat and a coughing kid and sleep is a non-existant part of my routine for this 24 hour time period. As I was laying in bed...early this morning...wanting desperately to go back to sleep I asked myself, "Self, what should I do?" The answer is obvious.

I tried to get into Kodak to edit some pictures, but that turned out to be a useless waste of my time. I'll try something else.

We've been busy, as I'm sure most of you have, and when we're not busy, I'm laying on the couch resting. Yesterday we looked at a house that we're considering renting. I'm starting to have some strong second thoughts. Then we went south into the hills, almost into Croatia and met with some ladies who want to go through SaveOne. She had goats, rabbits, dogs and other animals and the boys were in their element! They were muddy and smelled so bad when we got home. Clay renamed one of the she-goats Clay..."of course!" We informed the owner of the name change.

We haven't really been up to anything exciting, just the non-stop pace of life. I thought I should write down some things about Clay ("My name is Timody Clay Hall, za sird.") though.
A few weeks ago when we got in from the grocery store, Thadeus was asleep so I left him in the car and Clay was the first one in the door. When you walk in the front door of our house you're in the stairwell and there's another door to enter the main living area (a hallway -> kitchen, living room, etc.). Clay stopped there right inside the front door and started taking off coat, shoes, hat and whatever and my hands were full so I asked him if he could open the other door so I could put the groceries in the kitchen. "Just a midit, Mommy."

He didn't say it rudely or like a brat, it was just a simple request for me to be patient while he did his thing. It was so cute though that I couldn't resist making him say it over and over! "But, you can open the door first and let me in and then take your things off." "Just a midit, Mommy."

At a birthday party for Joshua Gilson we received these "guns" that are for bubbles. They look like miniature versions of my hairdryer. Clay realized this and told me he needs to cut my hair. "Oh, it's dirty, I got to clean it... Lay down, Mommy... It's black and blue and red and brown... Now houd still... Almost done!"

One afternoon I made him a tent with a table and chairs covered by a blanket. He calls it a house. After lunch our routine is that Thadeus lays down for a nap while Clay watches a video and I sleep also. Normally I lay down on the couch b/c Clay's love language is quality time so it makes him feel like we're spending good time together if I'm next to him while he watches his video.

Since we had the "house" up, and b/c I was exhausted this particular day and wanted a long nap, I thought he'd like to watch a video in his house. I can sleep okay during movie time, but a lot of times he'll lean over and whisper in my ear what's going on in the movie. I guess he's afraid I might miss something. He liked my idea and chose the Heffelump Movie.

I came in after my nap and he was totally engrossed. He saw me coming and told me to go back to sleep! Maybe he thought I was going to turn the movie off.

One more Clay story and then I'm done. The other day he didn't want what I had made for lunch and asked for pancakes instead. I said pancakes were a good idea, but we should have them for dinner since I already had lunch made. That evening, Timothy was working late or something, the boys and I sat down to a pancake dinner in front of a movie. Clay had a straw with his juice and I cut up the pancakes so he could pick them up and dip them in his syrup (Aunt Spanky style) hoping there would be less mess.

He'd finished his pancake and I went to get a rag to clean the boys, but when I came back Clay had the straw in the cup of syrup drinking the syrup! GAG!

Oh wait, one more thing, his new favorite phrase, when he doesn't like the song I'm singing or if I'm watching one of my movies, "It's pretty loud." He told me that in the car one day and I said, “Okay, I’ll sing quietly.” I was singing very quietly to myself and I hear him whispering “It’s pretty loud,” from the backseat!

On my next sleepless night I'll write about the absolutely, adorable Mr. Thadeus.

Friday, December 01, 2006

What's Your Favorite Kind of "Moogits"?

Clay has a new favorite movie; Moogits. Any guesses as to what it might be? It's the Sound of Music! Its still not as high on his list of favorites as Mary Poppins, after all, it's easier to remember Jane and Michael than Lisle, Fredrik, Louisa, Kurt, Brigita, Marta and Gretel. I guess that shows how often we've been watching it lately. I'm glad he likes these movies with lots of singing in them. Thadeus is starting to enjoy them too.

Thadeus is figuring this walking thing out. It seems like Wednesday morning he had the thought, "Oh, there's a reason to do this. I can actually get from here to there without crawling! Hu, I wonder who thought of this."

Thadeus is a very observant, and very independent, little boy. He watches everything, and you don't really even realize he's watching, but...he is. I caught him trying to draw something the other night. He had an etch-n-sketch type toy and was doing his best to hold the pencil the way he's seen everyone else holding pencils or pens. He get so frustrated b/c his hand is always in the way and then nothing comes of it. So he squeals and bounces to show his frustration, then he goes right back to work, trying over and over to get something out on the screen. Bless his little heart.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Cuteness I Live With

Every week that the Tennessee Titans play my brother-in-law Kris some how records the game and emails a link to where we can go and get the game and watch it ourselves. This is how we normally spend our Tuesday evenings, watching Sunday's game.

We also own the DVD of Narnia. On the cover is Aslon, the lion and two polar bears. Clay does not call this 'Narnia'. When he wants to watch it he refers to Lions and Bears.

Are you wondering where I'm going yet?

Clay looks forward to the Tuesday night games and a couple weeks ago even seemed to know it was the right day.
"Are we gonna watch football?"
"Yes, tonight we'll watch football.
"Are we gonna watch the Lions and Bears?"
"Uh, no. Tonight we'll watch the Titans and Ravens."
"Oh! The Titans and raisins?"

Thadeus is taking real steps now on a consistant basis. He seems to think this new found ability is some type of game though. I guess he'll catch on.

Timothy gave him an amish boy haircut.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is a test. I just signed up for the Picasa web albums for my blog and it showed video too so I'm seeing how well it works. This is an old video of Thadeus laughing...I think.

Okay, so obviously videos don't work.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where in the world is Russell Kelly

This is Timothy writing. Hee Hee I've snuck into Kristy's blog. The reason I'm writing is that I would like your help. I'm trying to reach Russell Kelly. The number I have I never get an answer (do you think he's trying to tell me something?). Also, I must have an old email. So, if you know his current number and email OR know someone who does, please help me. Jenni K. if you're reading this I tried emailing you but I got an un-deliverable message.

If you talk to Russell, remind him that he promised me he would come for a visit. I'm still hoping he can come. Tell him I am trying for some time to get a hold of him.

Thanks for all your help.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ladies Conference

Here we go, it's the beginning of my super busy weekend. Today I'll start decorating at the church and see how far we get and hopefully there will be little to do tomorrow. I'm going to take the camera along this time to document the changes. Tonight our worship team has been invited to play at a local Charismatic church. I feel the need to go along and hopefully make some contacts for SaveOne.

Tomorrow Ivana's beau is in town and would like to spend the day with her. I'm very tempted to say, "Yes, go and get tired of each other." Us, our pastors and elders are starting to see something better for Ivana, but we haven't told her that. We have encouraged him (the guy we like better), in a round about way to push on doors even if they appear to be shut at the moment. I hope he's gotten the hints. So, I would like for Ivana and the beau to spend as much time together as possible, with a few guidelines of course, let them get to know each other and that the other is not what they're looking for (I think his pastors agree with us on that point) and then she can move on to the real thing. I can ask my friend from Kranjska Gora to come help me finish the decorating.

Saturday is the conference. Because of where it's being held this year Barbara warned me that some ladies probably won't come. The church it's at is kind of in the ghetto and some Christians are too Godly for the ghetto! PU-LEESE! I think the pastor's wife is aware of this to some degree so I want to make things look absolutely great for her sake. I should send pictures and a report to the churches that decide not to come because of their clean righteousness.

The theme this year is "Lift Your Vision Higher". That's a song; maybe you know it. Because Slovenia is such a small country the people tend to have an inward focus and a negative focus. It hasn't occurred to Slovene's yet to start any type of mission program or to look beyond their borders. A couple young ladies from the host church just went to Poland on a missions trip and will share a dance they learned. The daughter and son-in-law of the Baptist pastors are moving to an area of Slovenia where there is no Evangelical church to start a church plant. We're going to have these girls give testimony, Ivana is going to give her testimony and people who have different talents are going to have some of their handiwork on display all as examples of how our gifts and talents can be used.

The guest speaker is Ruth Schmierer. She said she's been teaching a lot on Deborah lately. I hope this year's conference is more of an impact conference than it has been in the past. In the past it's always been one of these low key, but refreshing, but don't step on anyone's toes, type of events.

After church on Sunday we'll head to the coast again for the SaveOne class there. We're gonna be exhausted! I've made up my mind that next week is all about my boys. Clay asks everyday to go to the airport to see airplanes. We'll go have cakes on the observation deck I think. Tuesday we'll hopefully visit school...then I don't know what we'll do the rest of the week. Isn't that nice!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Been A While, Hu?

Like the rest of you, we're so busy our heads are spinning. We have two SaveOne classes going; one here in Ljubljana and another down on the Coast. We were going to give the class on the Coast to one of our trained assistants, but because of one of the participants it doesn't seem like a good idea. So, Wednesdays we're out pretty much all day and then Sundays, right after church we leave for the other class.

Timothy and I are singing a duet in a wedding this coming Saturday. We'll sing Steven Curtis Chapman's I Will Be Here. My body is trying to get sick, but I'm going to attack back today. The couple getting married, Sasa and Dajana, are just precious. There is really no other word to describe them and it's not because they're sugary-sweet or anything like that. They're just precious. Dajana was the maid of honor in Tatjana's wedding last February and since then something must have clicked for them. They've been coming to church, were baptized this summer and have totally committed themselves to Jesus.

Next Saturday is the annual National Ladies Conference and I've been asked to decorate. This is no small order this time. One large room, 100 ladies plus lunch... Where do we put the lunch so that it isn't smelling up the place while the speaker is up there? Where do we sit all these women for the lectures and then to eat also? And Slovene's must sit at tables to eat. How do I make a large open room look lovely and attractive with pretty much no budget? I'm starting to stress.

We're still house hunting also. The landlord came yesterday and again refused to fix the garage door. Then she wanted to know how soon we were moving out! We're not telling her anything. It would be better for us if she asks us to leave in writing. Timothy tells me this isn't my issue to get stressed over, but...yeah right. I had a dream last night that we moved into a nice new house. It was so lovely, but the stairs were open and I was very concerned about Thadeus falling down them.

Thadeus is getting up and down stairs on his own. Of course, we don't leave him while he's climbing. He insists on doing things on his own. He wants to feed himself and if he doesn't get to (he doesn't like to use the spoon, just hands) then he throws his head back and complains.

He says, "hi" when we walk in his room first thing in the morning. If he's getting something good (favorite toy, blanket, food, etc.) he bounces and says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." If he's not getting what he wants he sticks his lips out and says, "Dy, dy, dy, dy!" or "Nee, nee, nee, nee!" He repeats and mimicks a lot of what he hears and sees. This might be dangerous. He'll study Clay and then try to do exactly what it is he sees Clay doing.

Clay has been calling me by my first name. We were buying him new shoes last week and he started playing a game he'd made up where he runs around looking for someone. It used to be Michael from Mary Poppins. This time I couldn't tell who he was looking for at first, but then realized he was saying my name. He's running up and down the aisles of the shoe store calling, "Kristy, Kristy where are you?" He'd see me and run in the other direction calling again.

We bought him his first belt. I had to add two holes and it's still too big. He calls it his seat belt.

He's asking questions like, "What's happening?" or "What's going on?" He ends the last word of his sentences with a Southern twang. I'm not sure where that is coming from since neither Timothy or I really have a Southern accent.

While working in the garden one day Clay found the little daisies that grow in the yard. He wanted to give them to me, but my hands were in the dirt so I showed him how they could go in my hair, " hair pockets!" He liked this so ran to get more. While I was down in the dirt he was putting little flowers in my hair saying, "Wait a second. (Clicks the tongue to the roof of the mouth.) Mommy, wait a second."